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Webhost, Web Designer, attract new customers
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You will need a paypal account and the PageBuilder (from DDSC) with the Paypal and Shopping cart package.

When you open  your page builder click on the Advanced button on the tool bar. 

You will need to know the basics of the PageBuilder, like how to create pages add images, text and Add-On scripts in the page.  

Creating the shopping cart

The first thing you will need is a shopping cart. To do so create a web page called My Cart or Shopping Cart in your site then in the list Add-On open the Shopping Cart and add to your page the display shopping cart add-on script by clicking on the link.

If you have a global handling fee for a the entire cart you can set it up by entering an amount when adding the cart to the page.


Connecting products to the Cart

On your page where your describe your product you can connect them to the cart by adding an Add to Cart link or image.

In the Shopping Cart add-on click on the Add to cart text link and enter all your product information.

The most important one are the shopping cart page, the product name and its price, everything else is optional.

Add an add to cart link or image for each of your product or services you wish to sell.


Sending the shopping cart to Paypal for payment processing

Now we want our visitors to become customers and pay online with their credit card or paypal account.

For that you just need to add a Check out button on the shopping cart page.

In the Paypal Add-on  click on Checkout button provide your the paypal email you want to receive the money from and click Add.

By default it will display a small button check you with Paypal, we suggest to upload your own check out button and also provide images of credit cards to show that the check out process will accept credit cards and not only Paypal payment.

Now your are done. 





Sell services or products online and accept credit card is much simpler than it sounds, you do not need to purchase complicated or expensive e-commerce software with restrictive bank merchant accounts application.

All you need is a PayPal account, if you do not have one yet please create one now its Free at and takes only a few minutes.

This short training tutorial will demonstrate how in a few minutes you can sell products or services and accept credit cards or paypal payments.
E-Commerce online credit card payments