New App for McDonald’s Ice Cream

While not everyone is a fan, clearly a lot of people do like to eat at McDonald’s, as the restaurants seem to be in nearly every town in America and they’ve served billions of burgers since they were founded in the early 1950s.

Not everyone goes to the Golden Arches for burgers, though.  They also have a lot of fans for their coffee and for their ice cream.

Unfortunately, as fans of both are all too aware, both their coffee machines and their ice cream machines are often not working.  That means that you might not be able to get that latte or that McFlurry that you’ve been craving, and while we’re not fans of the ice cream, we do like the occasional cup of coffee there.

mcflurryThere’s no help for the coffee problem at present, but someone has come up with a bit of a solution for the ice cream problem.  A new app, designed for the Apple iOS, makes it a bit more possible to determine if your local McDonald’s has a working ice cream machine.

ice checkThe Ice Check app allows users to search for their local McDonald’s and lets them know if the ice cream machine at that location is working.  If you happen to visit a McDonald’s and see that the machine is not working, you can note the location as “off” so that other users will not make the same mistake that you did – going to a store without a working machine.

While this seems like a good idea, there are a few problems with it, as users have noted.  It’s not as though the app has access to some sort of global McDonald’s database that tells it whether machines at any given location are working or not.

For that status, you’re at the mercy of other users, and there’s no way of knowing if the information is up to date.  You also have no way of knowing if the machine is working or not if no other Ice Check users have been to that location recently.

Still, it’s an improvement, and perhaps the existence of the app and the publicity it’s been receiving will make the company a bit more cognizant of the problem, which is not whether people know if the ice cream machines are working or not, but the fact that the machines are often not working.

Bad publicity sometimes inspires companies to work hard to overcome the problem, and we’re hoping that the invention of Ice Check will do that when it comes to those people who can’t get a McFlurry when they want one.

Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any app that will let us know the status of the McCafe machine.  If we’re passing by and we want a latte, we’ll just have to take our chances and walk in.

Perhaps someone will work on that app next, as lots of people would undoubtedly be grateful.