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Drag and Drop site builder is no longer available.

Drag Drop SiteBuilder ONLINE

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No install, use the Full PHP version of Drag Drop Sitecreator on our servers and publish the sites on your hosting accounts.

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Youtub, Google Video, Flickr, Gadgets, Podcasting, shopping cart, paypal, google map, Ajax photo gallery.

10 Sites – $30/month


25 Sites – $50/month

75 Sites – $75/month


Download Drag and Drop Site Builder 2.0 today

Drag Drop HTML Site Creator

Create HTML web sites.

This HTML version enable standard HTML page web site creation.
Sites can be hosted on any web servers.  Its  full javascript support enable multimedia and dynamic features.

– Very simple to use and packed with tons of features- Start selling online and accept credit cards

Free Add-on (Google Video, mp3 podcasting, Ajax photo gallery, Paypal, gadgets…)

100 sites for
$299 $199 (one-time fee)
Drag Drop PHP Site Creator

Create PHP websites

We keep the simplicity and ease of use from the HTML version and we add powerfull advanced feature that makes Dreamweaver, Go Live and Front page a thing of the past.

– Free add-on like shopping cart, rss feeds….
– Mashups web services FREE add-on Google, Yahoo, Youtube….
– WYSIWYG PHP support with databases (MySQL / PostgreSQL)

To create full multimedia web sites with e-commerce, video and  podcasting.

100 sites for
$599 $499 (one-time fee)

Upgrade from DDSC 1.0
$149 (one-time fee)