Drag & Drop Site Creator

Click, drag and drop. It’s that easy!

Drag drop site creator allows your customers to build professional looking websites from their browser using a unique point, click and drag technology. It is built with PHP and entirely server based. No plugins needed!

It is the first ever AJAX based, online site building software, with dozens of open source Add-On which may be installed, used and maintained with a single click.

Any elements in a web page – text, pictures, forms and even web applications – can be dragged around and positioned exactly where your customers want them to be. They only need to open their web browsers, log on to your website and start using it. It is that easy.

This powerful online site builder has an incredible ease of use. This drag and drop website builder gives tremendous value to your customers. It builds an unbreakable link between them and your web hosting services.

Increase the value of your hosting services.

Add extra value to your web hosting services for minimal cost. Take your customers’ breath away with this outstanding and unique web-based site builder.

Drag Drop Site Creator is no longer available.