Differentiate. Power up your hosting services
With Drag Drop Site Builder unique features

Web hosts, Drag drop site creator has been designed as a sales tool for your hosting services. Users with no technical knowledge, web designers and small or medium business eager to be online can now build dynamic and professional looking websites within minutes.

You can offer a service of superior quality with this unique online site builder. Customize it and add your own templates. You manage easily your customers accounts, set up various hosting plans, provide free trial period to your prospects and much more as you can find out in the list below.

If you are a web designer or a web developper you can use this software as a powerful web publishing and content management tool. We recommend you to select the hosted version. Drag and drop site builder let you interact with your customers during the building process of their website. Indeed several users can access at the same time and contribute to building a website. With limited or customized access your customers can manage and maintain the content of their site.

Furthermore, this PHP friendly online site builder is allows you to reuse existing PHP scripts or work with an experienced programmers to add database, custom forms, registration process, custom e-commerce or integration with an existing open source application.

Drag drop website builder features highlight

Browser based. No plugin needed. Powerful online website builder with HTML editor, pictures resizing and rotation. Users just need to drag and drop any elements composing a webpage (text, pictures, scripts, databases report, etc.) to build a custom website.

Users can insert Flash movies, Podcasts, Mailto Forms, RSS feeds, etc. Your hosting customers can find all the tools they need to build an attractive website.

As a Webhost you can manage user accounts easily with the User Administration panel. Allow your customers to publish their website on any of your servers.

Dozens of templates your customers can choose from. Those templates come by default with the software. You can build and add easily your own templates and customize your hosting offering.

Drag drop site creator has been built as a perfect sales tool for your hosting services. Set up multiple hosting plans. Find forms and marketing materials to place on your website. Provide 10 days trial period to prospects. Link it easily to your billing system.

Users can build a full E-commerce website with shopping cart. All the tools needed to display and sell products online effectively are made available.

Your customers can create mashup web sites, add in a single click Video, Photos, Gadgets, Friends listing, social add-on… to their website. They do not have to set up anything. You can even write your own Add-On in PHP and make them available to your customers.

Search engine optimization, full customization of the layout, all the tools which will help your customer’s website standout and increase its level of satisfaction in your services.

There is much more to find out about Drag Drop Site Creator. Fill in the form (Click here) and let us show you what it can bring to your hosting business and your customers.